“Seeing is believing” was what St-Thomas used to say to his bro Jesus.

Well that’s what we experiment every day in the SaaS (Software as a Service) or in our field of interest GaaS (Gamification as a Service) business.

As a non-techie guy I’ve to say that I deeply understand people concerns regarding this new trend because I used to be completely lost (and scared) before working in this mystical area. That was before someone took the time to make me enter the matrix.

Place2Be infrastructure
Fig1. - Place2Be Cloud infrastructure.

SaaS is an alternative way for accessing software that is hosted on a remote infrastructure and accessed via the Internet. The main benefits are:

I won’t go into further details as you can already find a lot of information on the topic but my point here is to say that the definition is beautiful but it doesn’t make it sexy and self-explaining for the regular marketing guy (~90% of the people we meet to present awesome things to do with our technology).

We are proud to say that our technology is backend, it means we are working in the shadow, on the engine and certainly not on the body kit. But for most people it’s very abstract and they make us remember St-Thomas idiom!

As a service provider integrating in already existing frontends, our product is headless, meaning you can only access it via lines of codes and have to read some documentation to help getting you started. But P2B is headless for a reason. We believe that there are many talented frontend designers (graphics, design, apps development…) able to create better interfaces we’ll ever manage to design. We thus decided to focus on what we do best (gamification mechanics) and present suit interfaces to integrate nicely with existing tools.

Maybe it takes a little longer to achieve your goals, but the philosophy of a backend service is not to be put directly under the spotlights. You have to be ready to make other people shine and be more than glad for it assuming your engine is the strongest on the market and that no one can contest your reliability.