No matter if you are a gamification specialist, a digital marketing lover, an IT genius or a perfect newbie; you will have things to learn following us on P2B’s blog.

Gamification has been around for a while now but we thought there was still room for some improvement! We will try (and succeed, I hope) to share our views on that very hot topic!

Gamification must help brands, whatever they are, to improve (or create) their digital loyalty program. They have great power in their hands to increase their user/fan engagement.

We will talk about gamification schemes and game mechanics which we are passionate about but moreover we will mostly talk about Place2Be’s technology! We often like to quote Marigo Raftopoulos who says “Technology is often the weakest link in gamification”! This is exactly the problem we decided to address.

We developed the tools that will help you to creating your own gamification experiences and use appropriate game mechanics to gamify your app/website. As many of you told us they already had some communication infrastructure, we decided to respect that and develop tools that integrate nicely into existing front-ends. Handling (gamified) data of massive distributed loyalty programs can be scary for developers and this is the reason we are here to help.

We’ll show you how our infrastructure can handle dozens of thousands of players concurrently, live computing the reward schemes as they play and giving instant feedback to all of the users.

One Last Thing...

We are Open Source lovers. This is why Place2Be tools are free to use (as in Free Beer) as long as your gamification schemes remain open-source and we try to share as much as possible our internal tools.

Welcome and stay tuned!